The Game Of Life

Methodology for personal development



You may see it as a journey, a struggle, a battle. Or perhaps as a dance, a divine trial, the result of karma, a sequence of random events or the result of evolution. We all have our personal beliefs about life. For the sole purpose of personal development, envision life as a game. 

The game's question is whether we are like characters or players. Most people live their lives like characters in the game's reality. Few people are playing the game. Personal development is about becoming and being players in the game of life.

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Do the research. Acquire knowledge. Get to know your character. What's your game's story about? What kind of game are you playing? Know your game. 

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Apply the knowledge. Know how to respond and react. Know how to anticipate. Play your role as a character. Be the player.



What kind of game do you want to play? Create your game. 

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