The Game Of Life

A methodology for personal development



We all have our thougths and personal beliefs about life. It may be a journey, a struggle or a battle. It may be some sort of divine trial, the result of karma or an evolutionary process. For the sole purpose of personal development, we encourage to envision life as a game. 

Are we characters in a game's reality or are we players in a game called life? Most people live their lives as characters. Explore the idea of being a player. This methodology is about knowing how to play the game of life.

How to play it


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Where are you in the game of life? Are you a character in the game's reality or are you consciously playing the game?

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We all play our own unique game. What's your game about? What's your story? Investigate your role and what happened so far.   

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Apply knowledge. Be a player. Play consciously. Know how to act and react. Play your role as a character in the game of life.



Create the game you want to play. Do you have to play by the rules or are you the one who creates the game's reality?    

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